Upcoming Classes

October 4th - November 8th

Dixie's Pet Spa & Boutique is so excited to announce that Follow My Lead is coming back! For those of you who don't know, Follow My Lead is run by Sean Killoran, who is a personal trainer that holds group obedience classes for dogs! There will be one set of beginner obedience classes and one set of intermediate obedience classes held at Dixie's throughout the year! The classes are offered to puppies and adult dogs three months and up. The beginner classes consists of 6 lessons, 1 hour per session and will address behavior problems as well as teach:

  • Walking Nicely on Loose Leash
  • Stay in Place
  • Down Stay
  • Sit-Stay
  • Call to Come
  • General Good Behavior

October 2nd - November 6th 

The Intermediate classes take the lessons you and your dog have learned in the beginner obedience class and takes them to the next level! In the Intermediate classess, we build on the basics and add more distance, distractions and duration.